Our Lily of the Lilies Procession
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About us - To work and strive

To work and strive to raise the name of this Society and the Feast of Our Lady of the Lily, the Patron of this Society, and to retain all current and past rights, concerning the Club in general, including the Confraternity of the Immaculate Conception of the Mqabba Parish Church.

About us - To provide recreation

To provide recreation to members, by providing whatever the Society has as far as honest recreation goes. This includes the study and practice of Music, pyrotechnic arts, decorations and sports and cultural activities.

About us - To bring friendship

To bring friendship and harmony between the members and supporters of the Society.


We are organising activities but you can stay at home and enjoy them.

Pasta Night - 18 June 2020

2020-06-20 – Pasta Night Feast 2020

The Our Lady of the Lily Youth Section of Mqabba is organizing a Pasta Night in your home on Saturday ...
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Selling of Maltese Traditional Food

Selling of Traditional Food

The Women’s Commission within the Our Lady of the Lily Musical Society of Mqabba is launching a sale of traditional ...
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2020-2021 Applications for Bar Tendering

Tenders for Rental of the Club’s Bar 2020-2021

The Administrative Committee is receiving tenders for the RENTAL OF THE CLUB BAR by not later than Wednesday 10th June ...
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2nd Foreign Musical Formation in Mqabba 1998

🎥 2nd Foreign Musical Formation in Mqabba 1998

Following the musical service by the Gross-Siegharts Band in 1997, the Our Lady of the Lily Musical Society hosted the ...
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TalGilju Club Facade

🎥 The restoration and illumination of the Club’s facade 2008

In early 2007, the Administrative Committee of the Our Lady of the Lily Musical Society, embarked on a large scale ...
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🎥 Band Students Virtual Concert

Every year the Band Commission organizes a concert with the participation of students and band members who regularly attend music ...
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