Every year the Band Commission organizes a concert with the participation of students and band members who regularly attend music lessons.  The concert normal takes place at Easter time.  Preparations started months ago, however due to the present situation Mro Edwin Pace, who is in charge of teaching music, took the initiative to present it anyway – virtually.

Way back in the year 2005, Mro Andrew Calleja started this initiative. This year it marks its 16th edition and we are proud that year after year it has been organised in order to showcase our music school within our band.

This for sure will complement the vision that the late Mro Joseph Darmanin had 75 years ago when he founded the first musical band within our village.  Over the years, our Society’s band was led by two local BandMasters; Mro Julio Tanti and Mro Joseph Tonna. We take this opportunity to express our gratitude and appreciation.  At the moment, our Band is led by Mr. Andrew Calleja with the assistance of Mro Edwin Pace who takes care of our students during the music lessons.

We would like to say thank you to all the students who took part in this concert and as well to those that for whatever reason could not take part in this.  A special thank you goes to the students’ parents and guardians for their continuous support and commitment towards our band. 

In this virtual concert, our students will express their talents and we all should be grateful for their sacrifice.  This concert is dedicated to all those members, supporters and admirers of our band and our society that we lost during the past weeks and because of the pandemic we could not attend any funeral services to give them our last salute.

Band Students Virtual Concert 2020