The Feast of Our Lady of the Lily 1998 was a historic one due to the fact that the Statue of Our Lady of the Lily was carried out on the Parish Church Parvis, following its exposition from the Niche a week before the Feast Day.

This was an initiative granted on the occasion of the celebrations marking the 400th anniversary from the founding of Mqabba as an autonomous Parish in 15th September 1598. The Our Lady of the Lily Musical Society and the Confraternity of the Immaculate Conception are deeply honoured to have fully participated in all events organised to commemorate such important anniversary.

The activity commenced with a March by the Our Lady of the Lily Band, followed by the gathering of supporters and devotees on the Church Parvis to give a grand welcome to our beloved Patron. Aerial fireworks were let off for the occasion.

Carrying out of the statue of Our Lady of the Lily – Feast 1998