The first day of the Feast of Our Lady of the Lily 1995, that commemorated the 50th anniversary from the founding of the first Band in Mqabba started with the exposition of the Statue inside the village’s Parish Church. Afterwards, the Our Lady of the Lily Band and La Vittoria Band of Mellieħa made their way through the village’s main streets. As soon as they reached the main square, a new mahogany door for the club’s premises was inaugurated, which has served till this very day.

A ceremony paying tribute to all those contributing financially in the new bandstand project unveiled three days later, was held at the Club. The activity concluded with the unveiling of a marble wall plaque bearing the names of the four Band Masters who directed the Our Lady of the Lily Band from its birth fifty years before. A fact worth mentioning is that they were all present.

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Ceremony related to the Our Lady of the Lily Band Golden Jubilee