The Administrative Committee is composed of nominated members occupying managerial roles that steer the general day-to-day operations of the Our Lady of the Lily Musical Society and Lily Band Club. It is a central entity bound to meet at least once weekly to discuss pending issues and take decisive action as deemed necessary. Nine members are elected to serve their appointed stations for no less than two years. The President, General Secretary and Treasurer form the committee’s Executive, the Club Director and Public Relations Officer are perpetual roles, whilst the four remaining members are called upon to serve the Society’s present-day priorities and projects, from assistants to managers or officials.

The Administrative Board is composed of the Administrative Committee itself and all the chairpersons that represent the various sections, subcommittees, commissions or factions in operation within the Our Lady of the Lily Musical Society. Its main purpose is the administration and organisation of the festa and is bound to meet at least once monthly to discuss overarching issues and projects leading up to it.