Raymond Ellul
President from 1920 till 1939

Raymond Ellul was born on 19th July 1885 and was the son of Giovanni and Maria Ellul. He was married to Guditta Cassar from Qrendi. Raymond and Guditta had three children but unfortunately two of them died leaving Julia the only child that lived. Raymond used to work in Kalafrana as a blacksmith. Before he met Guditta he bought a house in Mqabba square with his address being that of “13, Pjazza tal-Knisja”. 

After they became married, they went to live in Birzebbugia and during this time his house was used as the Band Club. Raymond was an active member in the Confraternity of the Immaculate Conception. He used to go around and collect money for the feast, also he used to helped in the decorations committee especially when it came to painting. One can identify the true passion he had for the feast and the band club through his daughters words while talking about her father. She also said, “when the feast approaches don’t talk to him”.

The biggest project done under Ellul was the inauguration of the great statue in 1922. When he grew older he lost his eyesight and passed away during 1959 in the age of 74 years.