Thaddeus Farrugia
President since 1984

Teddy Farrugia is the son of Innocenzu and Agnes Farrugia and was born on 18th March 1959. he comes from a family which is well knownn for helping out in the feast of Our Lady of the Lily. Teddy`s father was a confraternity member as well as an activist when it came to fireworks.

Teddy took presidency of the society at a young age in 1984 and is still the president of the society today. He has been a president of the society for the last 27 years, and this makes him the most person which have done the longest years as a president. The society changed during these 27 years. Teddy joined the committee in 1978 and after 6 years being a member, he was appointed president. The first challenges for Teddy were the festivities marking the 75th anniversary of the founding of the Society which were celebrated in grandeur. Immediately after, the award for the best Club’s façade decorated for Christmas came about. In the meantime, work on the new bandstand and band banner began gaining momentum, as well as the Band’s first overseas performance. In the same year the society published the story of its founding and of the band as well. The band also performed a musical programme in the University of Malta. Let alone the Lily Band going to perform overseas, foreign bands were coming to perform in Imqabba for the feast.

Another innovative project done by the society was the performance of the first musical academy in the Imqabba parish church done by Our Lady of the Lily in December of 1997 in the occasion of 225 years since the founding of the our Lady of the Lily confraternity. This was a cultural event that later on was completed by a seminar in 2004 in the occasion of 150 years from the Dogma Definition.

In the last few years there were major changes in the statute, other sections in the society were formed, honours were achieved and also the opening of the local radio station. There was also a local council legislature in which Teddy represented the society after there was almost full trust in him by the society’s enthusiasts. An emotional moment for Teddy was when he met Pope John Paul II in the Vatican on December 2000. Of all the projects done in the last years, the most important ones are the opening of the society’s own radio station by the name Tal-Gilju FM in 2008, winning the Malta mechanised ground fireworks festival in 2008 and the restoration of the facade. The latest and biggest project done by the society under the presidency of Teddy was the reconstruction and rebuilding of the band club. Teddy is married to Julie and they have 2 daughters, Julie and Christianne.