Over the past few weeks on Monday we have always been posting some interesting articles from either the Festa programs or the ‘il-Fjur’ booklet. We did not intend to publish these articles for the time being, but circumstances and respect forced us to do so.

The first article is an interview from the ‘Għeruq is-Soċjetà’ (Roots of Society) with Mr Salvu Faccciol, who Tonio Facciol’s father, a member of the present administrative committee.  In the second interview we meet with Mr. Gilju Barbara.

Unfortunately both Salvu and Gilju left us during this last week and they left great sadness in our hearts. Both of them were supporters of our feast and passed on their passion to their children.  We will remain forever grateful towards Salvu and Gilju for all the services done for our Society.

We are sure that both Salvu and Gilju are in a better place and for sure they are close to our Lady of the Lilies whom they loved so much.

Thank you Salvu! Thank you Gilju! You will be missed.

Interview from il-Fjur #18 – December 2004
Interview from il-Fjur #32 – March 2010